155. lecke – Hallás utáni szövegértés teszt megoldása és szövegének írott változata

Which is Daisy’s sister? Helyes válasz: A

Daisy: Look! There’s my sister!
Friend: Which one is she Daisy?
Daisy: She’s got long blonde hair.
Friend: Oh, yes, I see. And she’s wearing a blue sweater.
Daisy: Yes. And jeans.

How does Jack go to school? Helyes válasz: B

Man: How do you go to school, Jack? Do you go by bus?
Jack: No, I go by train.
Man: Right. And you walk to the station?
Jack: No. I take my bike to be quick.
Man: That’s good.

What did Sally do at the weekend? Helyes válasz: A

Woman: Did you have a nice weekend, Sally?
Sally: Yes, I went out with my friend.
Woman: Did you go to the shops?
Sally: No. We went to a cafe.
Woman: Oh! Did you enjoy your lunch?
Sally: Well, we only had a drink but we enjoyed it.

Which book does Mary want to find? Helyes válasz: C

Man: Can I help you?
Mary: Yes, I want a book. It’s called ‘Cold mountain’.
Man: ‘Cold mountain’. Oh, yes. It’s there. Can you see it?
Mary: No. Has it got a picture of a mountain on it?
Man: No. It’s a forest and there’s a man and two women in the picture.

What can Peter see from his window? Helyes válasz: C

Man: So, how’s your new house, Peter.
Peter: Great. And I can see the river from my window.
Man: And the trees?
Peter: Well, no. The village shops. But there is a waterfall and that’s nice.

Where does Jane want to go? Helyes válasz: C

Woman: Shall we go to the park today, Jane?
Jane: The park? But it’s raining. It’s wet. I want to go to the cinema.
Woman: Oh not the cinema again! How about the supermarket? There are some things I need to buy.
Jane: The supermarket? You always want to go there!

How is Bill going to his grandpa’s house? Helyes válasz: A

Girl: Where’s Bill?
Boy: He’s going to his grandpa’s house.
Girl: Is he walking or riding his bike?
Boy: His dad’s driving him in his new car.

What are the new animals at the zoo? Helyes válasz: A

Woman: There are some new animals at the zoo.
Girl: What are they? Crocodiles or monkeys?
Woman: No, they’re your favourite animals.
Girl: Giraffes! Wow!

Where’s Lucy’s book? Helyes válasz: C

Lucy: Mom, where’s my book? It isn’t in my bedroom.
Mom: Well, it’s not here in the kitchen Lucy.
Lucy: Oh, here it is. In the dining room.
Mom: Oh, good.

What does Tom want for his birthday? Helyes válasz: B

Woman: Would you like a new watch for your birthday, Tom?
Tom: No, I’d like a computer please.
Woman: Not a guitar?
Tom: No, I’ve got one of those.

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