214. lecke


You will hear a man on the radio talking about an activity club. Listen and then choose the correct answer!

Hány éves gyerekek mehetnek ebbe a klubba?

Mikor zajlik a klub?

Mit építenek a következő héten?

Mit kell vinniük a klubba?

Milyen számot kell hívni?

Your score is

Now for some news about a summer holiday activity club, called: Let’s do it! So, the first thing: this is a club for children and teenagers between the ages of ten and seventeen so if you’re feeling bored and you’d like to be busy at this summer, think about going alone. You’ll learn something useful and will make new friends too.

This isn’t a weekend club, it meets every Monday during the holidays. That’s in the afternoon, and members will take part in all kinds of fun projects. Next week you’ll learn something about being an engineer, because you’ll be put into teams, and will learn to build a bridge. Exciting stuff.

The club is free, and the only thing you’ll need to bring next week are gloves. If this sounds interesting why not call to find out more.

The number – have you got your pencils ready – is 536621.

Now for some music…

Írj bátran ide, ha kérdésed van, de azt is szívesen veszem, ha leírod, hogy ment! Írd be neved (beceneved) és emailcímed (bátran, mert csak én látom, de így tudok neked válaszolni is), majd írd meg a hozzászólást!