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Mozart, who was born on January 27 1756 in the Austrian city of Salzburg, was neither the first nor the last child prodigy, but he was certainly the greatest. From the age of six, when his father took him on his first foreign tour, Mozart toured the courts and musical centres of Austria, Germany, France, England, Holland, Switzerland and Italy. It has been calculated that Mozart spent almost a third of his short life – he died at the age of 35 – travelling.

He was born into a moderately prosperous family where his unmatched musical genius made itself known extremely early. Mozart began learning the harpsichord at three and his earliest known work was composed in 1761 when he was five, the age at which he also first appeared in public. At seven, never having had a violin lesson, he picked up the instrument and played it perfectly and at sight.

Mozart and his older sister Nannerl were the only survivors of seven children. Both were exceptional musicians and their father Leopold, who was himself a noted violin teacher, took them on several tours. At six, the children played before the Austrian empress Maria Theresa in Vienna where ‘little Wolfgang sprang on te lap of the Empress, threw his arms around her neck and kissed her properly’.

The following year they set out in their own carriage, with a servant, on a tour of France and England which took almost two and a half years. Mozart lived in England from April 1764 until August 1765, mainly in Chelsea, giving concerts and composing. It was here, probably, that he wrote the first of his symphonies. Mozart never revisited England, although he frequently planned to return.

As Mozart matured, he continued to tour and give concerts. From his early teens, however, composition became increasingly important, especially opera, and Mozart made three journeys to Italy to acquire mastery of such music. His first opera, Mitridate, Ré di Ponto, was performed in Milan when he was 14 and was the first of many triumphs in the theatre.

(Source: New Progress to First Certificate – Leo Jones)


Read the text and find the answers to these questions. Each answer is a number!

How many years did Mozart spend on tour?

How old was he when he first played the harpsichord?

How old was he when he composed his first work?

How old was he when he first performed in public?

How old was he when he first played the violin,

How many violin lessons had he had?

How many children did his mother give birth to?

How many of her children died in infancy?

What was the number of the symphony he composed in London?

How many times did he return to England?

How old was he when his first opera was performed?

When did he die?

Your score is

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